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I’m officially 35 years old.  On the 1st day of this month, I decided to commit everything I had to myself.  I colored my hair red.  I did a bomb photo shoot.  I started a fitness challenge.  I booked an exclusive retreat for the summer.  I told myself “yes” more often than I did “no.”  (I probably should have said no to fast food a few times.  I’m a work in progress.)  I, also, made myself some promises.  35 to be exact.  Here they are.

  1. I promise never to sacrifice my happiness.
  2. I promise to validate myself by my own standards.
  3. I promise to love my husband unconditionally.
  4. I promise to give my child my undivided attention daily.
  5. I promise to choose positivity.
  6. I promise to tell myself “yes.”  (I’ve been practicing this one already.)
  7. I promise to keep in touch with my siblings.
  8. I promise to try every day to make healthy decisions.
  9. I promise not to let fear rule me.
  10. I promise to give my business my relentless effort.
  11. I promise to celebrate my small victories.
  12. I promise to allow myself simple joys.
  13. I promise to motivate others to be their best.
  14. I promise to try new things regularly.
  15. I promise to spend more time with God.
  16. I promise to make music again.
  17. I promise to acknowledge and manage my depression.
  18. I promise to forgive myself.
  19. I promise to spend more time with my grandmother.
  20. I promise not to let money control my happiness.
  21. I promise to travel every chance I get.
  22. I promise to find beauty in my flaws.
  23. I promise to be present in the lives of the young women who look up to me.
  24. I promise to do more yoga.
  25. I promise to avoid comparing myself to others.
  26. I promise to celebrate my marriage more than on my anniversary.
  27. I promise to take breaks unapologetically.
  28. I promise to sing more.
  29. I promise to write often.
  30. I promise to wear my natural hair with pride.
  31. I promise to take opportunities to minister.
  32. I promise to live my truth.
  33. I promise to “Kanye shrug” more often.
  34. I promise to spend more time with my mother that does not involve babysitting my son.
  35. I promise to live every day to the fullest and elude regret.

Jacqui Jones

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    • That’s so true. Sometimes I don’t even think we realize how much negativity we participate in BECAUSE there is so much. I had to make a conscious decision. Thank you so much for reading!

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