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Fear is probably the biggest challenge any entrepreneur faces.  I don’t care how confident a person may seem, at some point, fear has its way with them.  I believe that many people who portray strong personas are the most fearful.  I know it is true for me.  Fear has robbed me of my time and sometimes my dreams.  Now and then, however, I experience a mindset shift.  The trick is making that shift in mindset a habit and that habit into a lifestyle.  I’ve been working on that diligently.

In doing so, I began to notice that my most successful ventures were at times where I learned to freak out and go forward in the face of fear.  Fear isn’t going anywhere.  I think it’s our mind’s and body’s natural way of making us take care of ourselves.  However, fear is a yield sign and not a stop sign.  I practice pushing past fear every day.  I am rarely any less afraid of the situation.  I do, however, resolve within myself to reach whatever goal I set.

I’ve never been one to give myself pep talks aloud.  However, to accomplish making my mindset a habit, I do spend any transit time I have clearing my mind and focusing on the task where fear and I will meet face-to-face.  Car rides, airplanes, and waiting rooms are a perfect space for quiet focus or earbuds pumping trap music about making money.  (My motivational needs vary.)

The habit I’ve had to work on the most is remembering why I am there.  Fear often shows itself in spaces you have never been.  But, you can’t get to those places in your business or career unless you deserve to be there.  Rarely do you find yourself outside of a major meeting or about to walk on to your dream stage because you are all the things fear would have you believe.  Fear reminds you of the weakest of your weaknesses (even if they don’t apply to the situation).  Remember why you are there and how you got there.  Remember the hard work.  Remember the long nights.  Remember how many people you’re better than that didn’t make it.  (My motivational needs vary.  We’ve discussed this.)

Be afraid.  It’s fine.  Think twice.  This is also fine.  Move forward.  Right in fear’s face.  Taunt fear.  Laugh in fear’s face with persistence, grit, and relentless work ethic.  Play your trap music, mouth words that talk about owning cars you can’t afford, scroll social media and look at all the people who wish they had the fear you were facing.  Do whatever it takes to move forward in the face of fear.

Jacqui Jones

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