I realize that it is not everyone’s profession or desire to be knowledgeable about all things social media.  However, because billions of people use it every day (and it’s NOT NEW), I feel as though some things should have been figured out by now.

So, occasionally, I will post a list of pet peeves that I gather from my scrolling on social media or when encountering brand’s who are seeking marketing assistance.  For now, here are 10 of my Instagram pet peeves.  Why “Vol. 1”?  Because surely there will be more.

  1. Using punctuation in hashtags.  (The hashtag ends with the last letter.  Punctuation is not allowed.)
  2. Putting a million words on 90% of the pictures.  (The saying goes, “a picture is WORTH a thousand words, not CONTAINS a thousand words. IJS.)
  3. Not giving people credit when you’ve directly reposted their post.  (It’s rude.)
  4. Spam comments.  (Be genuine in everything you do.)
  5. App watermarks.  (Pay the $0.99 and get the app name off your picture, please.)
  6. Videos of people not saying anything.  (We should be over this by now.)
  7. Instagram accounts where everything is a sales post.
  8. Posting a lifestyle you wish was yours, but currently isn’t.  (We’d all prefer to know you better.  Maybe you can show us your progress to that ideal lifestyle.  That’s more motivating than all fancy cars and ocean views.)
  9. IG stories that look like —————————————————- because you’ve been talking for 2 hours 15 seconds at a time.
  10. Accounts with more than 5K followers that don’t engage with their followers, so they average 25 likes.

Instagram is a wonderful tool for businesses in all industries.  It is important, however, to put some forethought into what you are posting.  Having a plan before you post is essential to making sure your brand’s IG account is accomplishing what you need for your business.  Running social media takes time.  If that time spent doesn’t affect your bottom line, you’re wasting resources.

Having a plan is one of the topics I discuss both in the 90 Day Marketing Makeover ebook/workbook and during One Degree MMM quarterly group marketing strategy session Boiling Point.  I will specifically be talking about the plan before the post during a Lunch & Learn at Forge, the co-working space I work from that I love!  The Lunch & Learn is free to all.   If you’re in Birmingham, AL, grab your lunch and come check it out.  If you aren’t in Birmingham, there will be a live broadcast on the Forge FB page.

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