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So, check this out.

I am so very tired as I type this.  I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night as I stayed up with my coughing toddler.  But, for some reason, before I black out, I can’t neglect to post this blog post.

Why?  Because this series of posts for this challenge is the first time in years that I’ve stuck to something this consistently.  I can’t stop now because I need to remind myself that I’m capable of discipline.

Discipline was supposed to be my 2018 word of intention.  After all, at the root of all desires rests discipline.  Discipline is the longest and thickest root of the tree of success.  No particular success.  All of it.

You may want to lose weight, spend more time with your kids, lower your debts, save money, or even learn to play the piano.  You don’t achieve anything without discipline.

I’ve recognized my lack of discipline for a long time.  This challenge is the first time I’ve seen a reminder of my ability to control myself for a cause purposed in a desire and not a necessity.

So, like tonight’s post where my eyes are burning with love gift wrapped in the fatigue of motherhood, I will press on.  It’s pressing on that has helped me grow my business from 1 to 5, generate more money for myself than my job was paying, travel the world for work, win an SBA award, and be the first ever graduate facilitator of a global program in just the last 8 months of my life.

I will continue and show myself my resiliency.  I will encourage my mind, body, and soul, to use this challenge as a precedent for re-establishing my intention and dedication to a more disciplined life.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

You GO BE GREAT.  I’m going to GO BE ASLEEP.



Jacqui Jones

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