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I was recently speaking to a friend that I met in Palm Springs at the CEO Yeah! Retreat this year.  She and I had a great conversation about growing our businesses and what more we can do.

I believe in this digital world; old-school tactics make a business owner stand out.   She and I both run digital marketing businesses.  So, it would seem natural that we would be sliding in everyone’s DMs.

But, I’ve come to tell you that there are three things you can do that will make you stand out from the digital entrepreneur crowd.

1. Show up. 

There is nothing like some old school networking.  If I’m honest, the people with the wealth still trust what they can see.  Having your face in the right spaces, repeatedly, can make people view you differently from those they only see on Instagram.   So, dust off your business card holder and get out there and shake some hands.

2. Stop typing and start talking.

We have become so accustomed to text, email, and instant messenger, that we forget that conversations can be had where tone and context can be clear.  It’s called a phone call.  I’ve learned some tough lessons about how easily tone can be misunderstood via email.  Do yourself an old-school favor and make phone calls.  Not only will it ensure clear communication, but it will be a refreshing occurrence for your clients.

3. Refer. Refer. Refer. 

There is nothing more attractive about an entrepreneur than their willingness to send opportunity someone else’s way.  Doing so shows that you are well connected, that you care about the success of your community, and that you aren’t intimidated by other’s success.

These may seem simple.  But, think about the last time you did them.  We are so locked into social media and the digital world, that we forget to be human.

Alright… GO BE GREAT!

Jacqui Jones

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