I’ve said on many occasions that 2018 has been a life-changing year for me.  Much has happened.  I’ve been immensely blessed to do all I’ve done.

Earlier in the year, I did the Not Just Catering SHIFT Health Coaching with Eryka Perry.

I fully expected to finish the program with meal plans and tips on how to drink more water.  I was wrong.

Here are (just) three of the things I learned that helped me SHIFT.

1. I will change if the change is anchored in something or someone I love.

As much as I’d like to lose weight, Eryka made me answer a question I had never asked.   Why?  Why do I want to lose the weight?  I had surface reasons.  “I want to look good.”  “I want to be how I used to be.”  But, she helped me understand the effects that my weight was having on my mentality toward my marriage, my self-esteem as a business owner, and my peace.

She guided me to building anchors in my life that would remind me of the true reasons and the true effects.  Anchors that would trigger dedication and, in some cases, grace.

2. it’s only hard until it isn’t. 

More on the expected side, we talked about what routines I had and how they were or were not helping support my goals.  However, unexpectedly, she wasn’t asking about how I work out or what time I would stop eating at night.

She helped me build a morning routine that would set my entire day up for success.  That routine had nothing to do with food.  It focused on strengthing my mind for the day, visualizing what would happen, moving as a means to set a standard for my body, writing, meditating, and more.

It’s amazing how less stressed a day can be when you begin it with clear intentions.  I thought waking up an hour earlier to do all of this was the loftiest goal I had ever heard.  But, the next day, I was up at 415a reading.  (I feel sure she worked magic for that to happen.)

3. A “healthy lifestyle” isn’t JUST about food. 

I think it’s extremely unique that SHIFT doesn’t start with food.  Instead, it starts with all the things that make you fall off.  If you can fix the bad habits and eliminate the excuses, you can do anything.

Date nights with your spouse, turning your phone off during dinner with family, getting up and hour early to focus and steady your mind, or creating anchors to encourage you to move forward make it all easier to say no to that bread, cake, or cheeseburger.


Did we eventually get to food and such?  Sure, we did!  Eryka and her staff at NJC are some of the most talented culinary artists I’ve ever encountered.  What sets NJC apart is the wealth of knowledge of how food affects your body.  I’d have to write a whole post about how some of my favorite foods and drinks are affecting my fatigue and even anxiety.

If you want to talk to Eryka about her health coaching program as we transition out of 2018 and into 2019, REACH OUT TO HER ASAP and get your SHIFT together.


Jacqui Jones

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