By “paper”, I mean money.

When you’re working daily to make your dreams a reality, it can be easy to look around and feel as though some people have more than you. It, often, looks as though you’re just further behind.

One of the biggest things I speak about when discussing the mindset of entrepreneurship is the idea that you should learn to keep your eyes on your own paper.

Southern Baptist preachers say it best. “While you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’, you don’t know what they had to go through to get what they have.”

That’s one of the truest statements I’ve ever encountered.  So, I’m going to list the 3 biggest lies you tell yourself when you’re looking around at the world and comparing yourself without all the information.

Here are the 3 ways I keep my eyes on my own dreams.

Stop Comparing. 

Surely we’ve all heard this before. But, I mean it.

Your journey is your journey.  You only get one opportunity to do it.  Why waste that time doing what others want or expect?

I stopped looking around and started focusing on my own happiness, success, advancement, and PAPER (money)!

When I did, my life changed immediately.

Believe the Hype. 

Have you ever noticed how much people can see in you that you can’t seem to see in yourself?

Well, believe the hype.  Even if people are just gassing you up, believe it anyway.

You are everything good.  (I felt that. Did you?)

While you are busy looking at other’s progress and success, you are ignoring the people chanting your name, accolades, and praise.

Pause and listen.  Then, believe the hype.

Appreciate the problems.

Hear me out.  You know how they say “more money, more problems?”  Well, sometimes the obstacles you feel you have are a result of success you refuse to acknowledge.

A year ago, you had a different set of problems in some aspect of life.  You got this new set by progressing, evolving, and growing.

Be angry and frustrated.  Appreciate the trials as a test of strength and measure of progress.  Stand tall and handle it.


Don’t seek to mimic or replicate what others do to make your unique vision come to life.

Don’t cheat (yourself), keep your eyes on your own paper.


You know what to do.  GO BE GREAT!

Jacqui Jones

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