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There is currently MUCH going on in my city.

Following the shooting of an innocent man in Hoover, AL, many are hurt, confused, and could use some encouragement.

My husband, G.I. Magus is a hip-hop artist based in Birmingham who, for years, has been writing songs that encourage and motivate the community.

Because he doesn’t curse or use derogatory terms in his music, he has the unique opportunity to perform everywhere from youth events in small churches to the BET 50 Years Civil Rights event in Selma, AL and writing commercials and songs for lawyers and the Health Department.

With all that’s going on, I feel the city, even the culture, could benefit from going back to some of his tracks that speak to overcoming hurt and pain, living in dismal times, and celebrating life despite other’s inability to be positive.

Let’s get into it.


I Believe

New Day

We Are

Be More

Simone Grace


He is amazing.  He has a heart for people and has been writing songs to reach youth and young adults nearly his entire life.

With all that’s going on, I appreciate that I have the luxury of turning on something encouraging.  That fact that it’s his voice is icing on the cake.

Take a listen.  Download or add to your playlists.  GO BE GREAT.


Jacqui Jones

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