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It’s been months since I buried her.

Life has been great.  I’ve been excelling in my business.  I feel more confident.  I feel at peace.

I did, at least, until the hauntings began.

I can still remember the first time I thought I saw her.  I was in a leadership development class preparing to present my company and at first, I just felt like she was close by.  It was weird.

The room suddenly felt cold.  I got my materials and began my presentation, and I could felt I could hear her voice faintly asking if I was sure about it.

I was sure I was tripping.  So, I ignored it.

But, things like that kept happening.

I sat on the floor of my closet one morning in the 4 o’clock hour.  With a piece of clear quartz in my hand, I closed my eyes, and there she was.  I opened my eyes as if I’d seen, well, a ghost.  Where did she come from?  She was dead… right?

Her hand touched my hand. She guided me to pick up my phone and play “Blessed.”

(Listening to the words of this song is a part of the story. You must listen for it to make sense.)

When the song had stopped, we sat there.  She waited for my response.

My voice broke through the darkness.

“This isn’t home anymore.”

Silent tears filled our faces.  I put the phone down.

I picked up my clear quartz to channel all the things I needed but didn’t know to ask my guides for.

I picked up a rose quartz to mend any doubts of loving myself unconditionally.

Deep breath. Hold it. Exhale. I closed my eyes and she was gone.

Missing her doesn’t mean I need her back.  It means I miss her.  She was amazing.

It’s my time now.



Jacqui Jones

2 comments on “I Buried Her In San Juan: Hauntings”

  1. Wow! This series is SO powerful and you are such a talented writer. Thank you so much for sharing this side of yourself. So many of us need to bury our old selves so we can finally be the woman God created us to be. Thank you for pushing me and others to forward with this difficult but necessary process.

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