More than likely you have spent countless hours deciding how you will attack this year. For my business, I have decided what my revenue goals are and what my team growth for my firm will be. For my personal life, I have thought through my weight loss goals and how I want to accomplish them and how I want to improve the quality of life for my family. I have plans for content, releases, and more!

Today, on the first day of the year, I will focus on my goals for a healthy and happy mindset. I want you to do all the things you’ve planned. I especially want you to be mentally sound and satisfied. I hope you will join me in developing these three mindset goals for the year.

Goal #1: To Practice Gratitude Daily

Sometimes I feel like goals are super cliché.  But, the truth is, they are cliché because they are normally way more simple than we make them. How we state them is the cliché, but how we accomplish them is the true task. To practice gratitude daily, I intend to spend, ideally, 1 hour, at the very least 5 minutes, each morning maintaining what my health coach taught me last year.

I will start my day with quiet, write, read, meditate, move, and drink water. This time will help me identify and remember the things I should constantly choose gratitude. Making this a daily habit will make gratitude in the harder times much easier. The goal is to make it my default.

Goal #2: Put self-care on my calendar. 

I had to state this goal this way. I think everyone thinks about self-care. It has become a pretty trendy topic. As an entrepreneur, business owners, mother, and spouse I have to live by my calendar. So, self-care will officially have a space on my calendar.

I have to do more than saying I’ll remember it.  So, I will plan full days of self-care. My calendar will be close, and my work will be done because I will have known that my calendar shows a day of self-care. No excuses will be allowed. I won’t define what happens that day. I will decide what I need at the time and plan accordingly. I will make taking breaks and self-care as important to me as I do all the other things on my calendar.

Goal #3: Eliminate negative speech. 

Have you ever noticed how easy it is when someone asks, “how are you?” for you to say something negative? I do this all the time. I constantly let negativity into small spaces in my life. I work extremely hard. Though I’m known for normally having a bubbly personality, it’s in those small spaces that you can hear my exhaustion, pain, and frustrations.

This year, I will practice replacing negative speech with positivity. I won’t hide my feelings. I will find ways to address my feelings instead of letting them leak out randomly. This is another place where practicing in small spaces will lead me to a better quality of life.

That’s it! Those are 3 of my mindset goals.

I hope you take some time to build goals around how you will mentally go through 2019.

Happy New Year!


Jacqui Jones

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